Student blog - 2011


Solid timber

During James's ten years with John Makepeace OBE he became an expert in responding to the grain in solid timber. With a router, angle grinder and chisel this demonstration showed the students a technique to celebrate timbers movement, grain and texture.

Dec 29, 2011


Timber conversion

Justin bought six oak trees from the National Trust.

As we are lucky enough to live two miles away from a saw mills the students were able to visit and witness first hand the process of converting and seasoning your own timber. In about two to three years I will let you know what we made from the planks!  

Click here to see the whole process

Dec 9, 2011



This I thought was an excellent illustration of the importance of a moc-up. In the photo you can also see the actual maple spikes which will cover the whole of the finished cabinet

Nov 27, 2011


Steam Bending

One of Justin's favourite demonstrations in the workshop is steam bending. After the first bend every student has an individual go and is always amazed by how this simple process can achieve such impressive results.

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Oct 29, 2011


Studio photography

The students get the opportunity to photograph all their pieces using our studio equipment, taught by a visting professional photographer. I love this photo that Mark Ratcliffe took of his recently completed table. 

Jun 27, 2011


A year in the life

James Elliott who finished our 40 week course about one month ago has kindly compiled a portfolio to diarise his time with us.

James who was an accountant, had never even picked up a chisel let alone designed anything before he joined us! It just shows you what you can achieve in 40 weeks.

Well done James, thank you and good luck. 

Click here to see Jame's portfolio

Jun 27, 2011


Open Day

 The open day was a great success! Visitors had the opportunity to talk to us and our students, to find out more about our courses and to look around our facilities.

We were also joined by a professional photograph who was able to give lots of tips on how to photograph your furniture, and Classic Hand Tools joined us, so everyone had the opportunity to try and buy some of the best hand tools available.

Thoughout the two days we also had demonstations that included angle grinding timber and steam bending. Nick Gibbs the editor of British Woodworking gave a talk about his own background, furniture magazines and publishing, and Jane talked about Williams and Cleal Furniture and the School.


Nov 12, 2010


A chair in one week

William Chester a 15 year old school boy joined us for just one week to progress his passion for woodwork.

Currently studying Design and Technology he often has limited time in his schools workshop.

A chair in one week was the challenge we set!

Often considered one of the most difficult projects to design, draw, and certainly to make. Well I am pleased to report that William has just completed all three! This is an amazing achivement. Well done.

Click here to see more photo's of Williams chair

Aug 29, 2010


Student awarded a prestigious guild mark

We are very pleased to announce that Andrew Owen has just been awarded a prestious bespoke guild mark for a writing desk that he designed and made whilst with us. Congratulations Andrew.

Aug 27, 2009


W&C Blog and Social Media Launch!


Aug 26, 2009

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